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Josie unter Freunden

Shadow Blog Horse Model Shadow

Danke Susann, Feli & Shadow, dass wir das so schnell machen konnten Smiley

Josie wears
Outfit: Yasum Design *MESH* Harness with Shoulder and Pearl Panties
Collar: (r)M ~ Posture V-Collar ~ No.07R
Armor: .:EMO-tions:. * BELLONA*  (iron/gold) armor r fingers & l forearm
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * DREAMWORLD * hair & horns @ Hair Fair 2014
Eyes: IKON Immortal Eyes – new GroupGift
Skin: Ramya *Gizmolino*Latte* by Yasum Design

Hair Fair 2014 – .:EMO-tions.:

50% to Wigs for Kids

The Hair Fair is one of the biggest Hair events in the year. The Fair still runs till July 27th. 
on the Fair .: .:EMO-tions.: with great hair and a nice gift *MEDUSA* ♥

Hair Fair 2014

Manga Fair 2014

Fall in love with screw. These wonderful screw everyone should have in his inventory. They are from *Sup Poses Stores* FlyingJosie
middle: *Sup Poses Stores* Racing Snails Cone Shell
left: *Sup Poses Stores* Racing Snail 2
right: *Sup Poses Stores* Hovering Racing Snail 3

and its Manga Fair 2014 Yasum was invited to manga event….and EVERYBODY who loves PINK…has GOT TO GO… SO much awsome stuff its beyond believe…if you like playfull….


Manga fair posterIrmiBlog

       Model Irmgar Emor


Sub Poses  Irmi on Mamacita and Josie on Racing Snails Cone Shell

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Josies Freebie Ecke …

Ryba Skin

Freebie of the Day Ryba Design Skin Group Gift

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FFL 2014 – .::KL Couture::. Nairobi

KLC Nairobi

Josie wears  .::KL Couture::. Nairobi

Shape: Ramya *Gizmo*
Skin: Ramya *Gizmolino* Latte
Eyes: pc by Lano Ling -star -mercury
Outfit: .::KL Couture::. Nairobi – mesh dress, bracelet & necklace

FFL 2014 – LIKKA*HOUSE Carousel



Josie wears LIKKA*HOUSE Carousel – West of the Moon

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FFL 2014 – PurpleMoon


Josie wears :: PM :: Drew Gown in Cream/Lilac MESH

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FFL 2014 – Gypsy Wife


Josie wears for Fashion for Life – Gypsy Wife

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VIOLATOR & .:EMO-tions:. & Tuty`s


Josie wears:

Mesh Dress: VIOLATOR PretaPorter – Light&Shadows  with Flowers Veils
Skin: Tuty’s New look Kita – ice kiss
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * ANTOINETTE*
Accessories: .:EMO-tions:. * DRAGONHEART * necklace, bracelet, ring, headpiece …

Fantasy Gacha–.: EMO-tions :.

Belladona Next round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival ends on the 11th of May 2014 Armour: GACHA ITEM Bellona fingers, hands and forearm armor + collar  EMO-tions  @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Yasum Design – Fantasy Gacha

Yasum Gacha
Yasum Design made Mesh Gacha *VeneziaMask* and *SteamWings* for the Fantasy Gacha Carneval

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.:EMO-tions:. Fantasy Gacha

Next round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival starts on the 4th of May. APONI GACHA is a GAME: you can py 50 ld to receive a randomly selected item. you can see on the GACHA MACHINE PICTURE all items available. but you play on your own risk and never know which item you get: either one of the commons or one of the rares. do not worry if you get doubles .. all items are transferable.

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * APONI* chocolate common with headband !

Free Skin and Gown

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☯ UnDone & Yasum ☯


 ̄√√ ̄ ̄


UnDone *MESH*Buckle Shirt
Yasum *MESH*Capri Joggers
Yasum *Formal Dress Shoe Dandy Step
**RE** ReVoX Aros Bracelet – Female
**RE** ReVoX MVX Watch A – Female

Its Me – Sup Poses Store

Freebie of the Day

My new shoes – all for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE – today’s shopping list! XD

Yasum Design

Fathom (77,128,35)


Second Pic for SAVIAD

Dress: Moonlight by VIOLATOR
Mask: WaterLily by VIOLATOR

Hair: (r)M ~ No. 18’14 with Hair Pin
Skin: (r)M ~ (4) Ivy ~ cocoa SKIN for SKIN FAIR’14   14.-30.03.2014

WaterLily & Moonlight by VIOLATOR

WaterLily by Josie DeCuir
WaterLily, a photo by Josie DeCuir on Flickr.

Josie DeCuir wears WaterLily and Moonlight by VIOLATER – FIERA Spring Fashion Fair @ SAVIAD, THE HAUTE COUTURE REVOLUTION SAVIAD is a joint venture between the sims of the three leading haute couture designers on the SecondLife grid: Solidea Folies, Violator and AD Creations.

Hair: (r)M ~ No. 18’14 with Hair Pin
Skin: (r)M ~ (4) Ivy ~ cocoa SKIN for SKIN FAIR’14   14.-30.03.2014

Friends For Ever

Coraline Luthien by Josie DeCuir
Coraline Luthien, a photo by Josie DeCuir on Flickr.

Coraline Luthien

Friends For Ever

Coraline Luthien by Josie DeCuir
Coraline Luthien, a photo by Josie DeCuir on Flickr.

Coraline Luthien

Friends For Ever

Ninaa + Josie by Josie DeCuir
Ninaa + Josie, a photo by Josie DeCuir on Flickr.

Freunde seit 2007 bis heute Ninaa Slade und Josie DeCuir.

Yasum *Formal* Dandy

Yasum *Formal Dandy
Yasum *MESH*Dandy Pants
Yasum *MESH*Dandy Shirt
Yasum *MESH*Dandy Vest
Yasum *Formal Dress Shoe

Josie in love with high key

DIVA - Brielle

Bikini Mesh

al vulo – SKIN Ewa * kinder red brow fairy Group Gift Feb.
(r)M Hair No.17’14 ~ Scandinavia Blond
pc: nightfall eyes – nightsky – large dark
**RE** DIVA – Brielle – necklace and earrings
Yasum *MESH*Bikini Shorts*
Yasum *MESH*Shawl Top*
Yasum *Spine Deco*MESH (so sorry not shown)
PARADISIS Sali : Bikini Bottom Black (older freebie)

DIVA - Brielle - HUD_001

**RE** DIVA – Brielle – HUD – 5 modules each with 15 colors to choose from. A necklace and a couple of earrings and incredibly many possibilities …

VIOLATOR-The Shine-Wedding Gown -Black

Black Wedding  New Releases:


▬▶ The Shine gown

Available in polished silver and satin black. An incredible avantgarde design full of classic echoes, polished texturing and prims diamonds. Rich, Haute, Elegant, Extreme. Perfect use as wedding and formal gown. a long trail diamond encrusted dream gown made of a central mesh dress (available in 5 different sizes),  floating flexy prims , face diamonds, chest and stomach diamonds, veil and jewelry all included.

Lola Tangos friendly: the upper bodice is made of modifiable prims so to fit different breast sizes and enhancements. Chouchou V
Location: Chouchou V

[NV] Pandora Dress Mesh by isiss Bade

Panda_2 Panda

Thanks to isiss Bade [NV] and crashnoww **RE** for very detailed quality items. Please stay long in SL and make it even more beautiful.
[NV] Pandora Dress -Black- M
with Lolas Tango Applier incl.
**RE** Black Heart Necklace RLV
**RE** ReVoX Couple Bracelet M4 – Female

~ A Z U L ~

Azul Efex

-AZUL- Iolanda MESH  /Sapphire Dress, FurShaw, Gloves

( r ) M ~ (1) C R A N K ~ deadSKIN
[ATOMIC] 2.0 Victim Makeup – Alejandro (Lips) – older item

Nik Collection Filter

Yasum Design–Baggies



Yasum *MESH* Babes Top* Size M
Yasum *MESH*Steampunk Capri Baggies*Female*Size 1
(r)M ~(ePunk) Boots~No.01 (Size S+L.inc PhatAzz)

Yasum *Sweater Big Jump*Size S*MALE*PITCH
Yasum *MESH*Steampunk Baggies*Male*Size 1

Location: Winter  Moon


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