Josie`s Freebie Ecke … Shoes and Accessories Hunt (SAH)

Shoes and Accessories Hunt ~ 1st Edition

>>>>>>>>> WHEN?

SAH – January 15th – February 15th.

This is the 1st edition of the Shoes and Accessories Hunt (SAH)! It will start on January 15th throught February 15th.

Great opportunity to get free quality items and discover stores you never been to.

After the great success of the MHOH (Make Him Over Hunt – fashion male related items with 2 editions already) and PROPOSERS HUNT (only poses hunt), we are bringing to you SHOES AND ACCESSORIES HUNT.

>>>>>>>>> HOW DOES IT WORK?

As with most hunts once a starting location has been set you will be provided with LM and the next location in the hunt once you claim your first gift. For example, store #1 will give landmark to store #2, store #2 will give landmark to store #3, and so on… until it finishes.

Gift will be hidden somewhere in the store and you will be looking for a shoe that we will provide you as a prim.
Designers will have a choice to use items that are currently sold at their store or create exclusive items that will only be available for the duration of the hunt. They also have an option to provide you with store cards.

This hunt is also circular, so when you get to the end, the last landmark will direct you to first location. This means even if you start the hunt in a middle you will still get to visit and discover all participating stores.

The objective of this hunt is to present nice stores of shoes and accessories, like belts, bags, hair with hats and hats only. These is an unisex hunt.


Only high quality designers will be invited to participate as we are planning to keep number of stores around 100 so to enusure everyone gains exposure as we know people tend to give up half way if shopping expedition tends to go forever. You must be the creator of shoes or accessories such as belts, hats our hair with hats, bags and so. Please not that NO jewelry will be in at this time.


Hunt will last from Jan 15th to Feb 15th.
Deadline is January 07thto sign up, so please apply as soon as possible as you do not want to miss this hunt out!


[ hoorenbeek ] – Sunglasses, Gla, JT World VI

>>>>>>>>> BLOG

Visit our blog for the latest updates and a complete list of participating designers:

>>>>>>>>> What happens next?

Please Join FASHION & ART group to receive updates.


TARSIS GAUSMAN or SAMARA PENNELL send a notecard with your name and question.


4 Antworten

  1. Joyce Floresby

    Huhu..erstmal ein dickes Dankeschön und Lob an Dich Josie..deine seite ist sehr hilfreich..schaue gerne hier rein;)
    Nun zu dieser Hunt..habe ich es nun richtig verstanden,das nu Designer mitjagen können,die selbst was zur Hunt beitragen?
    Lieben Gruss



    12/01/2010 um 7:14 pm

  2. Josie DeCuir

    Huhu Joyce, vielen Dank für Deinen lieben Com. Mein Englisch lässt zwar stark zu wünschen übrig, aber als *alte* Hunterin weiß ich, dass wir alle einsammeln können. Es ist oft hilfreich der Huntgruppe beizutreten. Eine Einladung findest Du sicher bei der Startlokation. Vlt sehen wir uns ja bei der Jagd, viel Spaß beim Einsammeln! 🙂


    12/01/2010 um 8:51 pm

  3. Joyce Floresby

    danke für die schnelle antwort;) Die Gruppe habe ich schon..schon gespannt auf den Startschuss meine erste Hunt die ich dann mitmache;)


    13/01/2010 um 9:53 am

  4. Josie DeCuir

    huhu – noch ein kleiner tipp, weil es ja dein erster hunt ist: lauf nicht in der ersten woche los …. lass die anderen erstmal die bugs finden und besorg dir einen hunt radar, könnte bei grossen shops sehr hilfreich sein *ggg


    14/01/2010 um 12:01 pm

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