Josie`s Freebie Ecke … Shouted-FAll-Gift


Original Text and Pic: WE   ARE  PROUD   TO   ANNOUNCE   THE   OPENING  :

     ******THE SHOUTED VILLAGE*****
Shouted  Couture is an italian brand,  with very high quality designs . LOW PRICES !

At the village you can find 15 cute little shops, all with our great outfits but
also a lot of other brands, like Jador,  Tattanooga,  Zeb&Sly poses,  Bolero, Sensuelle lingerie, Glamour,  SLC Fashion,  (PXO)Fashion, HoneyBear, BnB Style,  Pixelworx,
Hoorenbeek,  eK Fashion,  My Precious ,  Atelier Bonetto,  Nuala jewels,  etc

Every week we will bring you a lot of new items and gifts

Enjoy the nice Halloween spirit here, find the gifts and interesting offers !

Shouted Village

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