Halloween is one of the most inspiring holidays in the year. You’ll find one thousand of events all over the grid related to it and we therefore decided to bring our contribution by organizing a store hunt !

It will start on the 22nd october and will end on the 31st october with 7 never released gifts.

7 gifts means 7 ghosts to find all over the store. It can be in the store part of the build of course but also in the basement, in the attic, on the balconies, the roof or around the landing point, the stairs, …

You’ll find a sample of the ghost on the poster @the mainstore landing point and in the hall. 


But we’re not done ! You also can win one more gift, the one of your choice in all the store collection (fatpacks included) by participating to the creepy contest !

What is it and how to play ? In each ghost, you’ll find a notecard named with one or two words. Put all of those words together. It doesn’t mean anything if you keep it in the ghosts order. But if you mix all of the words (or groups of two words) together, you’ll find a sentence.
This sentence isn’t that random. It can come from a tv show, a movie, a song, a book, …
Open the attached answering notecard and fill it in (don’t forget to add your name at the end of the notecard name) with your full avatar name, the sentence you found, where you think it comes from and also write down the gift you’d like to get (please mention which color if you just need a color of an item sold in different colors).

Then send it to me. Don’t IM me please. It would be too hard for me to keep working right if everyone IMs me ;).
Just send me the notecard before the 30st october at midnight. Just before Halloween, I’ll check out the notecards. We’ll chose THREE winners. How ?
To win, you need to have given out the good sentence.
If you’re more than 3 to have found the right sentence, we’ll see who found where the sentence comes from. If you’re again more than three, an innocent hand will chose three notecards from the good ones and those will win !


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