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( r e d ) m i n t


Yasum*Catsuit Leggings
Yasum*MESH*Cutie Chaps
Yasum*MESH*Mini Skirt

**RE** Domina – Leather Bangles
**RE** Domina – Nails
**RE** NOX Dark Faith Choker
**RE** Rebel Ear Cross

Kimi Model SHAPE  2009
Yasum Design, Brand New Face, RAMYA*HOOKIE*3*cleavage / blush*BROWN BROW
(r e d) m i n t – (r)M ~ Hair(Msh) No.12 ~ Satin Blond / Locks.o1
BodyCult Tattoo Fullbody Lyric – a simple rose



Hey people 🙂

Today I post something near to my heart. Standing up for Love.
Everyone has the right to it, no matter your sexuality.


This is me standing up for what I believe in – LOVE.

If you’d like to join this campaign please go to
for more info

Hugz You Josie
     ♥° ㋡ °♥