Josie`s Freebie Ecke

Four Seasons Market – Winter


Josie wears for 4Seasons Market – Winter: BodyCult MESH Beanie Hat Svenja Hair2 – red, BodyCult Knit Nordic Sweater Svenja nature, BodyCult Jeans Skinny Tweed Pants and BodyCult Mesh Booties Fur Svenja

Free gift for the visitors

Persefona 4Seasons  –  Winter Gift: Persefona Fnowflake
WERTINA -Frozen- Charme: Wertina Heart Earrings and pose with gift box left & right
– LEO-  SHOP: bracelet [MESH] – left & right hand/leg
BodyCult: MESH Beanie Hat Svenja w/wo Hair – all colors

Four Seasons Market  -  _Exclusive item at_ label

21.12.2014 – 04.01.2015
Four Seasons Market – Winter

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Teager`s fuffy babies for RFL 2014


The strider bird is a gatcha object with 35 possible colors. For the duration of the RFL Christmas Expo only, there are two additional strider bird colors – RFL Purple and RFL White – available through RFL vendors.


The bird includes a full AO with two run animations, a stand, a crouch and crouch walk, a fly, and a jump. It also comes with a bonus animation HUD with a sit, dance, squawk, and chirp animation.

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Breeders Choice – RFL Christmas Expo

2014 SL Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair Poster

KittyCatS @ Xmas Expo 2014


Quote: “Cute Yummie Kitten made for Relay for Life 2014. Its 100% mesh comes no copy, no mod, Transfer. Since  Accessories & Adorable Darlings KittyCats (vygg) is a secondary market of the brand breedable KittyCatS. I thought it was a nice idea to make a Cat to remind us about them, as well as my lovely auctioneer who love the breed Ragdoll and she is named after that cute cat breed. Buy this Kitten and 100% of the money goes to Relay for Life.”


“Holiday theme statue pet created a dorky cute Reindeer made for Relay for Life. its 100% mesh comes no copy, no mod, Transfer. I have a whole secondary breedable market for KittyCatS brand. I just turn my own sim into a winter wonderland. I know how fun it is when its that time of the ear when its close to Christmas, and yo feel that Christmas feeling in the atmosphere. So this little cutiepie was created to enhance that warm fuzzy feeling.

Hope this mesh kitten and reindeer will bring you love.

From Charlotte Calael, RagdollSessan (& the rest of Vygg staff, Arya89 and NerdyErik).”

Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables

2014 SL Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair Poster

Frozen Fair 2014 – Immerschoen Fashion

Welcome To the Frozzen Fair 2014.
Most 100 Store With Gifts- Exclusive- Gacha & Bazzar Boxes.


The Frozzen Fair 2014– Exclusive, Free Gifts, Gacha, Discount


Josie wears: Immerschoen Girl – Biker Boots and exclusives with fair discount:

BodyCult Mesh Knit Sweater Gabby black
Immerschoen-BodyCult H Mesh Skirt Gracia 

Also you find these great Mesh-Studdet-High-Heel-Boots from BodyCult for Slink high feed.

True Fashion Times – The Event

Josie wears Gothic Style for the Fashion Event ‚True Fashion Times (TFT).

Hair: Yasum *MESH*Cyber Dreads*headpiece
Top: BodyCult
MESH Top Gothic black/red
Jacket: BodyCult
Mesh Leather Jacket Gothic black/red
Pants: BodyCult
Mesh Leather Skinny Gothic red
Shoes: BodyCult MESH High Sneakers

IMMERSCHOEN Tattoo & Fashion Lounge – Gothic Outfit @ True Fashion Times – The Event

So… what is True Fashion Times – The Event? TFT is a biweekly event that intends to gather the best fashion content in Second Life.

When the event starts? The first round will begin on November 8 and will end on November 22.

Each designer has a gift in his shop – find it ^^ Here you see BodyCult Mesh Leather Clutch.

BodyCult Mesh Leather Clutch

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Immerschoen Fashion–CMP Silver

Heya Immerschoen friends, there are 9 Mix and Match new items out for Color Me Project (CMP) round silver and one BONUS Gift 🙂

CMP silver Blog

Josie wears:

  • Jewelry: BodyCult Mesh Necklace Cross kobalt red, Mesh-Necklace-Cross-Fatpack at cmp 25% off
  • Top: ImmerschoenBodyCult MESH Shirt TopSecret black with Bra ‚Top Secret‘ black at cmp 25% off
  • Pants: BodyCult System Layer Capri Jeans BONUS fits perfect to the neckholder shirts (Gift boxed by the Tops)
  • Shoes: BodyCult Mesh-High-Sneakers-No5-Paris-silver at cmp 50% off
  • Immerschoen-Fashion Lounge Logo 500x500






Freebie Ecke … ALB Group Gift Saree



Location Da Vinci Gardens

Group Gift ALB PREMA Saree mesh dress incl flats & headpiece by AnaLee Balut

Josies Freebie Ecke – MP


Dress: Lilac Butterfly MESH bodice L – Lilac butterfly skirt Large/ Extra Large @ MP 1L Freebie
Wings: MG Flexi Particle Wings – Pink – @ MP 0L Freebie
Hair: [LeLutka]LUMEN hair – BlondeFun
Group Gift 
Skin: Yasum Design RAMYA*HOOKIE*3*cleavage / blush*BROWN BROW  Group Gift
Shoes: Anne Slink High Heel Sandals @ MP Freebie Profil

Josies Freebie Ecke & Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Hair: Yasum Design *MESH*  Cyber Dreads* rigged with headpiece & Hairbase Tribal …..only to be found there in the whole of sl. The Hud that comes with the EPIC….is the BOMB…  styling it just to your own needs…you can hide and show and retexture almost every little thing on that hairstyle….
75Linden / play and if your lucky it will not take much to get the complete Epic set that gives you the complete pack….

Skin: Yazum Design RAMYA*Shizuko 5*cleavage*BROWN BROW
Shoes: Yasum Design *Cleopatra Sandal*
Outfit: ALB SURYA romper suit – MESH – by AnaLee Balut ALB DREAM FASHION moved to Millais


ticket 01

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Josies Freebie Ecke …

Sabra Style_halbSabra Style_stand

Josie wears Sabra Style “Jill in Green” Skirt +Top
Hair .:EMO-tions:. * LOREDANA*
Feebie Sweet May Net and Flower Necklace – you get @ Bubblez Style

Sabra Style_2

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Josie unter Freunden

Shadow Blog Horse Model Shadow

Danke Susann, Feli & Shadow, dass wir das so schnell machen konnten Smiley

Josie wears
Outfit: Yasum Design *MESH* Harness with Shoulder and Pearl Panties
Collar: (r)M ~ Posture V-Collar ~ No.07R
Armor: .:EMO-tions:. * BELLONA*  (iron/gold) armor r fingers & l forearm
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * DREAMWORLD * hair & horns @ Hair Fair 2014
Eyes: IKON Immortal Eyes – new GroupGift
Skin: Ramya *Gizmolino*Latte* by Yasum Design

Hair Fair 2014 – .:EMO-tions.:

50% to Wigs for Kids

The Hair Fair is one of the biggest Hair events in the year. The Fair still runs till July 27th. 
on the Fair .: .:EMO-tions.: with great hair and a nice gift *MEDUSA* ♥

Hair Fair 2014

Josies Freebie Ecke …

Ryba Skin

Freebie of the Day Ryba Design Skin Group Gift

(mehr …)

.:EMO-tions:. Fantasy Gacha

Next round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival starts on the 4th of May. APONI GACHA is a GAME: you can py 50 ld to receive a randomly selected item. you can see on the GACHA MACHINE PICTURE all items available. but you play on your own risk and never know which item you get: either one of the commons or one of the rares. do not worry if you get doubles .. all items are transferable.

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * APONI* chocolate common with headband !

Free Skin and Gown

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Freebie of the Day

My new shoes – all for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE – today’s shopping list! XD

Yasum Design

Fathom (77,128,35)

Friends For Ever

Coraline Luthien by Josie DeCuir
Coraline Luthien, a photo by Josie DeCuir on Flickr.

Coraline Luthien

Friends For Ever

Coraline Luthien by Josie DeCuir
Coraline Luthien, a photo by Josie DeCuir on Flickr.

Coraline Luthien

Friends For Ever

Ninaa + Josie by Josie DeCuir
Ninaa + Josie, a photo by Josie DeCuir on Flickr.

Freunde seit 2007 bis heute Ninaa Slade und Josie DeCuir.

2013 wird geprüft

Die fertigten einen Jahresbericht dieses Blogs für das Jahr 2013 an.

Hier ist ein Auszug:

Eine Cable Car in San Francisco fasst 60 Personen. Dieses Blog wurde in 2013 etwa 2.800 mal besucht. Eine Cable Car würde etwa 47 Fahrten benötigen um alle Besucher dieses Blogs zu transportieren.

Klicke hier um den vollständigen Bericht zu sehen.

Josie`s Freebie Ecke …

Free Poses @ Diesel WorksHNY2014

I wish you all good luck, success, and especially health that it will blow your mind Smile

Hud parade Yasum Design

Collar Hud

Collar: Yasum*MESH*Collar Steam*2*


Horns Hud

Horns: Yasum*Leggings Buckle*optionalBlog

Wintercoat Hud

Yasum*MESH*MIlan Winter Coat *FEMALE*Size B*CURVY*
Yasum*MESH*Steampunk Leggings*Size B

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Anais
TRUTH HAIR Fernanda Group Gift Nov 2013
Madrid Solo– Venus Eye Trap- Blue Me Group Gift new
Make up:
Madrid SoloGroup Gift Fem- Dec 2013-Winters Song Full Set
**RE** Rebel Ear Cross

Jewelry & Accessory Expo LogoDecember – 21st 2013

Josies Freebie Ecke ☆ ★ ADVENTS CALENDER ☆ ★

Yasum is starting the christmas period with the legendary ☆ ★ADVENTS CALENDER☆ ★

Yasum Weihnachtsmarkt

Quote: “MERRY CHRISTMAS……………….SEASON………..This year as every year…..a ADVENTS CALENDER….

Each day till the 24. of December…..a GROUPGIFT……i will fill a new box each day …so you can come and collect it.

The first two days will be a Christmas Scene….Complete Furnitured……ready to drop and work the rezz box…..

As a very special…..Yasum offers you a GROUPGIFT….that is so much fun…
A fully rigged MESH SANTA CLAUSE……which comes in two versions.
1 is kind and sweet
2. is a meanie whom would steal all your sweet gifts from under the tree….he needs spankies….**nods lots**

THEN you will have the one of a kind chance….to collect yourself…..each day one piece…..of a FULLY FURNISHED……………BREATHTAKING high detailed…..MESH SKYBOX……
Yes you heard right….MESH SKYBOX……with a Complete Prim impact of 180 total with everything inside.

So on the 24. of December you will have a brand new….absolutly up to date…Skyhome…..with a unbeatable primcount for such quality.

Now all that i have left to say is……have a wonderfull christmas period…..
The team of Yasum Design……is gratefull you stayed with us….another year…….

HUGS you all and TONS of christmas kisses….

A. Vaher”

Gift No 2 Skating Ring I’m so in loveSkating Ring Gift No 2

Yasum Group there is no kost to join….will offer you Freebies on regular basis also. Awsom new Designs – special Gifts. Join Group and benefit of what they offer you and keep you updated. Who does not do with, he is not to help XD




Violator PretaPorter – Mesh Bloom Top and Blossom Panties – yellowcreme

**RE** LUX Eclat – Bracelet
**RE** LUX Eclat – Necklace
**RE** LUX Eclat – Stud Earring

Kimi Model SHAPE  2009
Skin: Yasum Design RAMYA*Shizuko 2*cleavage*
Madrid Solo-Aug Fem Grp Gift-Summer Eyeliner and Lips-Full
pc eyes by LL nightfall – nightsky – large medium

㊚ Yasum Design ㊚

Yasum Design *Lolita Ball Top*
Yasum Design *MESH*Belt**
Yasum Design *MESH*Leggings*

Kimi small SHAPE  2009
Skin: Group Giftal vulo – Arya 2*  supporter blondebrow claveage bronze
pc eyes by Lano Ling: nightfall – nightsky
[::JDC::] Asia Tattoo colorful
niciARTLINE black stars leg back/slip
**RE** Domina – Leather Bangles
**RE** Rebel Ear Cross

Free ( r ) m i n t hair @ Hair Fair 2013


(r)M @ HF’13 ~ goodyHair (Size Lola’s Tango) – 28th July
(r)M Hair No.15’13 ~ Copper Blond
(r)M Hair No.13’13 ~ Brown Midnight
(r)M Hair No.14’13 ~ Scandinavia Blond

(r)M~(Dwindle)Top~No.07 (Size S-Lolas Tango)
.:COLE:. MiniSkirt  black small waist

Kimi Model SHAPE  2009
.::WoW Skins::. Anais 04
Tattoo niciARTLINE black stars leg back/slip
pc eyes by Lano Ling: nightfall – nightsky – large medium
**RE** Rebel Cross M4 – Female